20 June 2008

Interview: Ladyhawke

Words Karley Sciortino

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Ladyhawke 1Ladyhawke is a one-woman, do-it-yourself, classic pop machine. You know the kind of music you hear playing in the background of the party scene in seriously eighties films? The ones that perfectly compliment the image of loads of people in colourful power-suits dancing around in a cloud of smoke? Judging by ‘Back Of The Van’, her brilliant debut single and surely a hit this summer, that’s the kind of music she makes. It could soundtrack a really sexy couple making out, followed by them running off into the distance in slow motion. You get the idea. Like, totally rad.

“I set up Ladyhawke about two years ago as a sort of alter-ego character,” says the intimidatingly-tall Pip Brown. “It’s sort of a culmination of all the crap that’s inside my head.”

Born in New Zealand, but now living in London, Pip has been a music junky since she was small. “I’ve always drawn inspiration from a really eclectic group of artists,” she continues. “I listened to the radio constantly when I was younger. At the time it was a lot of Madonna, Michael Jackson, New Kids On The Block… all that. I sucked it up. My mum loved The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac and my dad loved Pink Floyd and Creedence Clearwater.” She pauses and laughs. “I’ve got really confused taste.”

Ladyhawke’s debut album is out on Modular Records this September. It was recorded in New Zealand, Australia, and London, and Pip played nearly all the instruments on it herself. She also got stuck into the production.

“There isn’t one producer for the album,” she explains. “I collaborated with a few different people on it, so each track is self-produced by me and the person I worked with on that song. I love what you can get out of working with different people.”

Indeed she does. Recently, she’s been spending time combining musical brainwaves with loud-mouthed electro punk queen, Peaches.

We are happy that Ladyhawke exists, because there can never be too much power pop in the world. Upon suggesting this, Pip seems sort of shyly satisfied. “Awesome,” she says, laughing. “I agree.”

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