22 January 2013
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Music: Devendra Banhart

California songwriter returns with first track to air from forthcoming album 'Mala'

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Groomed, shorn and sporting a rather fetching pullover – Devendra Banhart is back with his eighth studio album. The California songwriter releases Mala on March 11. And while the former flower child may have cut off his tumbling locks, his powers have certainly not diminished as a result.

The track ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’ is available to stream below via NME.

Listening to the lyrics, it sounds like poor old Devendra has been experiencing a few problems in the love department. “I should’ve known someone so much like me / would give me hell and send me to my knees,” he laments.

We were considering interviewing Banhart about his new album. Then we remembered what he had to say last time we spoke to him:

“Man, doing these things can be difficult. I enjoy them sometimes, and sometime I don’t. That’s how it is. It isn’t one dimensional, and it depends on so many things. So many factors are involved. People have no idea what just happened to me two minutes before they call, and I’m not going to tell them, so it’s going to be strange. I can get caught on a good day, and I can get caught on a bad one. Some days are both. I’ll say it again: I don’t have any answers. That’s one thing I’ve learnt from doing interviews, and I’ve been doing them pretty steadily for a while now. I don’t have one single answer and that’s the truth.”

We’ll just let you crack on then, eh Dev?


Listen: Devendra Banhart, ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’

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