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5 November 2012
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News: AEG

Concert promoter introduces new ticketing system to make prices affordable, gets criticised

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AFTER the recent outrage about how much it will cost to see the Rolling Stones play the O2 Arena in London later this month, one concert promoter has decided to make a stand and introduce a new system of ticketing aimed at making prices more affordable.

The premise of the system being introduced by AEG is simple: shit seats = cheap tickets; amazing seats and your arse will still bleed.

Nothing revolutionary, of course, and it’s a similar kind of deal that you already get in other industries, like the theatre business, but nonetheless the promotions company is already facing criticism.

Rob Hallett, the president of international touring for AEG, had this to say to the BBC: “If you’re unemployed if you’re a student it’s impossible to go to stadium gig nowadays. Ordinary fans have been priced out of live music in recent years.

I’ve had several artists contact me in the last couple of days asking if we can look at this for their next tours.”

But if that makes AEG, who are big-league promoters putting on the likes of Bieber and Black Eyes Peas, sound like the good guys, remember that the company recently scored headlines like, “Is Promoter AEG Responsible For Michael Jackson’s Death?”

Does that make this a PR stunt to win back public support for a company that’s had a torrid time of it over the last couple of years? You cynical bastard!

More pertinently, their new system has been rubbished by the likes of recent Mercury Prize winners Alt-J. Also speaking to Auntie, bass player Gwil Sainsbury said: “Is it fairer? It means if you’ve got more money you can get the best place.

“As it is, if you’re a keen fan you get to the doors early and you run to the front — I think that’s nice.”

Others have suggested AEG are amping up the most expensive tickets to cover the costs of selling cheaper ones to dole scum and student knobheads at the back.


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