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22 January 2013
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News: Bloc

We asked the festival's administrator to explain more about the potential staging of a new event

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The simple posting of a new image on their Facebook page (which contains the url of a new, currently empty site) suggests that the Bloc festival is set to make a return — in London. Last year it was shut down amid scenes of total chaos, forcing its organisers to subsequently fall into administration. Judging by comments on Bloc’s Facebook page, not everyone is happy about the idea of a 2013 event, particularly those who bought tickets last year and have yet to be reimbursed.

So what’s happening here? It’s a bit confusing, so we called the administrator, Jamie Playford of Parker Andrews, to find out more. Here are three main points:

1. While in administration, there is no legal problem with Bloc using their name to potentially stage a new event. The rules are different if a company is in liquidation and, at any rate, Bloc only ever used their name under licence (from themselves).

In a nutshell: Bloc can carry on as Bloc. Whether that’s advisable is an entirely different matter.

2. Bloc are still trying to get £1m off insurers for the festival being cancelled and further money back from one of the ticketing agencies. There’s no timeline on when either will be resolved, but meetings with both parties are planned for next month.

3. A six-month update will be going out to people owed money at end of this week. However, Playford suggests, it’s unlikely to say anything more than the initial directors’ report.

More news as we get it.

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