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9 July 2012
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News: Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison talks Venus Williams' big night out in Shoreditch, new album details

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Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison’s delayed fourth album drops in October. The LA producer told The Stool Pigeon that the new record would be an “amalgamation” of his differing styles to date, including “more moments that are banging” than 2010’s strongly jazz-influenced Cosmogramma.

There’ll be a full interview along soon, but for now we thought we’d let you know what Ellison had to say about the events of this weekend.

A quick recap: FlyLo was booked to play a Saturday evening set at this year’s Bloc festival, but instead played two last-minute, East London shows at XOYO and Rhythm Factory after the main event was cancelled.

Bizarrely, tennis champ Venus Williams was along for the first performance, fresh from winning the ladies’ doubles final with sister Serena in a close-fought game which lasted until 11pm. Which is pretty mental when you think about it.

Oh, and The Weeknd performed at the show with Ellison, too [update: watch the two onstage on the YouTube clip below]. But we forgot to ask about that. Sorry!


Steven, we heard Venus Williams was at your XOYO show on Saturday. Did you know her already?

I met her that night. She came with a friend of mine who knows her from LA — they grew up with each other. It was kinda random, but it was actually really awesome ‘cos I don’t really watch sports but I just happened to watch the doubles game that day, and she just came right out!

So she came straight from a Wimbledon final that wrapped at 11pm to a rave in Shoreditch. How’d she manage it? That’s ridiculous.

Right, yeah. I was surprised too, but I guess she had that momentum… that fucking, uh, adrenalin going.

Was Serena out too?

I don’t think so…

It’s great that you actually got to play this weekend, though, even if some people wouldn’t have got to see it…

Yeah I’m happy it did [happen]. That Rhythm Factory show — it was the hottest place I’ve ever been in my life! It was the sweatiest I’ve ever been. I played at 3am after Kode[9]. I played a little bit of new material, a little bit of DJ shit… That was a hard party, man, that was hard.


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