26 November 2012
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News: Frank Sinatra

Crooner's ex-valet recalls the dark side of Frank's fabled way with women

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A new memoir by Frank Sinatra’s former dogsbody recalls how the ratpack crooner would use him to break off relations with women on his behalf — often in most unpleasant fashion.

Tony Consiglio writes in his posthumous memoir Sinatra And Me: The Very Good Years of several incidents involving Sinatra’s romantic interests which reveal a mile-wide vindictive streak in his former employer.

In one such instance, Consiglio — an old high-school friend of Sinatra’s — recounts an evening where Frank was entertaining a young actress in Claridge, Atlantic City, who incurred his displeasure when talk turned to politics.

When the lady in question returned to her room to slip into something more comfortable, Sinatra ordered Consiglio to go knock at her door with a plate of spare ribs and a special ‘message’ from his boss.

“I went to her room and knocked on the door,” he writes. “She opened the door wearing a beautiful light chiffon dressing gown over a transparent white negligee. She looked beautiful and ready for a long night. I told her that I was sorry to bother her, and that Frank had insisted that I deliver the spare ribs.

“When she reached out for the plate I hit her in the face with the ribs, sauce and all. I apologized again and went back to the suite.

“Frank asked, ‘Did you do what I told you?’ I nodded yes.”

How delightful! In another heart-warming incident, Consiglio writes of the time Sinatra fell in love with classical ballerina Juliet Prowse, and asked her to marry him — provided she agree to give up her career first. She declined, and Frank, the sinister fuck, sent his pal along to a suite at the St Moritz Hotel where he was to deliver a gift to the dancer — a $12,000 white mink coat with a note attached that read simply: “This is your swan song. Frank.”

You have a problem,” would be Sinatra’s line to Consiglio whenever he had ladytrouble of any kind, and it was precisely this refrain Tony had ringing in his ears when he spent several hours looking for a wedding ring flung from a 14th storey window by Frank’s then-wife Ava Gardner, while the pair had make-up sex upstairs.

“Great,” said Frank when an exhausted Consiglio finally retrieved the ring.

[via NY Post]

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