6 February 2013
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News: The Stool Pigeon

We're closing down. Thank you for being a reader

Words Phil Hebblethwaite

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The December/January issue of The Stool Pigeon was the final issue. A catch-22: I wanted to do much more online, but the newspaper sucked up nearly all our resources and time. It’s proved impossible to do both as well as we’d like and, to be frank, we’re knackered.

We haven’t gone bust. We will settle outstanding invoices and, subscribers, you will be reimbursed via PayPal for issues that you have paid for upfront and will now not receive. Thank you for your support.

I reserve the right to come back and do something with this site, hopefully alongside my distinguished deputy editor Alex Denney, but not unless we can find a way to fund things properly. I still love doing what we do, and perhaps what I’m trying to say is that running out 60,000 copies of a free newspaper six times a year and distributing them to 100 cities/towns across the UK has become untenable, and also increasingly less effective and exciting than publishing journalism online.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved and it’s unquestionably been a fascinating period to cover music. YouTube launched a month after we did in 2005. Everything has changed.

Our esteemed creative director and co-founder Mickey Gibbons, who designed every page of The Stool Pigeon in our eight-year history, can be contacted, as all three of us can, below. He was last seen heading for the airport.

We both owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all our contributing editors, writers, photographers, comic strip artists and illustrators, especially to Alex Denney, Cian Traynor, Jeremy Allen, The Quietus chaps, Krent Able, Ash Dosanjh and Melissa Bohlsen, who worked full-time for us for three years. Great friendships have formed — two writers married! — and we’ll miss the powerful sense of occasion you get when making a newspaper. It was always stressful, but also a pleasure and lots of fun.

We’re immensely thankful, too, to our 650 stockists and to our advertisers, who have been entirely dignified in their support of The Stool Pigeon — never attempting to push us into corners.

We were a publication that was determinedly independent, sought to be truthful and we tried to be funny. Not easy. We printed some absolute rubbish over the years, and plenty of good stuff. We won awards and, more importantly, secured a dedicated fanbase. Your affection for the paper was the reason we survived as long as we did.

Thanks for being a reader.

Please visit our shop if you’d like to purchase back issues, books, etc. (we’re still adding recent issues, and email me if you want a tasty rate on a bulk order)

Head to our Facebook page if you’d like to leave a comment

On the homepage you’ll find some our favourite pieces from all issues

Now enjoy a celebratory closing poem written by Billy Childish, whose poster art and verses have been an integral part of the paper. “It’s great ending things — good chap,” he said when I told him we were done.

Phil Hebblethwaite, Editor

Phil: editor@thestoolpigeon.co.uk
Mickey: artdept@thestoolpigeon.co.uk
Alex: alexdenney@thestoolpigeon.co.uk


the worms of the universe are hungry too

so what if my little pot of
lentles boils over
god will send some microbes along
to lap them up

nucular bombs
6.000.000 jews
the race of dinousaurs
bedroom floor gets sticky with blud
dont worry
the universe will drink anything
nothings to big
or to petty

god will shrug it off

my old girlfriend complaing
about me
chucking good food away
when half the planet is starving
— even mold needs grub i tell her

so what if my little pot of lentles boils over

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