23 January 2013
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News: Thom Yorke

Radiohead frontman in revealing Q&A with electronic music producers

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FOR its latest issue, Dazed & Confused asked a bunch of electronic and dance music producers to put their questions to cover star Thom Yorke.

The Radiohead frontman obliged them with some pretty interesting answers. Among other gems, Yorke reveals that PJ Harvey and Björk are his favourite female songwriters, DOOM is his rapper of choice, and Aphex Twin is the producer who has inspired him most.

He tells the Gaslamp Killer: “He burns a heavy shadow[...] Aphex opened up another world that didn’t involve my fucking electric guitar, and I was just so jealous of that whole crew. They were off on their own planet. I hated all the music that was around Radiohead at the time, it was completely fucking meaningless. I hated the Britpop thing and what was happening in America, but Aphex was totally beautiful, and he’s kind of my age too. He’s a massive influence.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, Yorke warms once more to his theme of Britpop-bashing, telling Pangaea that being part of a scene is “great when there’s a sense of healthy competition between artists and they’re all hanging out together, [but] when we started out as a band there was no sense of healthy competition, there was just fighting and vicious, petty bullshit, it was horrible.”

He also tells Flying Lotus that Radiohead fan-fave ‘Pyramid Song’ was written after a trip to a museum in Copenhagen about Egyptian religious beliefs, and that the song represented something of a breakthrough in the band’s post-OK Computer lull patch.

Some of Yorke’s full answers can be found here; Dazed will be posting the rest over the next few days.

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